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Welcome to PECONAQ !

PECONAQ is an online membership platform that has been created to support structured, multi-disciplinary learning through the use of the PECONAQ Learning Framework.

PECONAQ Learning Framework

Learning with the PECONAQ Framework begins with a Question arising from the curiosity of the learner and proceeds to the formulation of a Learning Project that the learner do by themself or guided by a mentor/coach using the learning resources from the internet.

The PECONAQ Learning Framework is illustrated below.

The PECONAQ Learning Framework provides a structured framework to assist the learner in their daily learning adventure via 8 different thematic projects. They are:

  1. Visual Arts (VA) projects
  2. Performing Arts (PA) projects
  3. Social Science (SS) projects
  4. Technological Science (TS) projects
  5. Mathematical Science (MS) projects
  6. Natural Science Plants (NSP) projects
  7. Natural Science Animals (NSA) projects
  8. Natural Science Environment (NSE) projects

How do I become a member?

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(b) You can then explore the features of the platform and submit questions for discussions in the Group’s Forum.

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