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Jin Lee, Founder Peconaq Inc.

My name is Jin Lee and I created this website to share the PECONAQ Learning Framework that I developed in 2016 to help anyone who wants to get a structured, multidisciplinary “education for life” using the abundant information resources available in the internet.

The Framework provides a structure to help the self-learner select and explore the questions (Q) that they have on the different subject areas of interests that may concern the learner’s life journey. It will help the learner gain a greater awareness of the systems in their life, from their personal life (PE), the community (CO) they live in, to the natural (NA) environmental systems that we are all a part of, when we begin our life’s journey in this physical world.

The Framework is a synthesis of my attempts to organize my experience and learning of the mysteries of life from my life journey so far, and to put them within some organized framework. The mystery of our “dual reality” experience of the “Real/visible” material physical world and our “inner/invisible” conscious world is captured in the “Ri” columns in the Framework.

PeconaqRi Academy

I have created the Peconaqri Academy website to share the Framework with the self-learners in the homeschooling community, and to assist them to setup their own homeschool and co-op community on the internet. The website provides guidance on how to use the Google tools and the internet learning resources to help mentor students in their self-directed, educational learning adventure for life based on the project-based learning approach.

PeconaqRi Game of Life

I have also created the prototype of the PeconaqRi Game of Life in 2016 to create awareness of the Framework. The Game simulates the dual reality of our life by taking a piece of our “Real World” and making it the “Stage” for the playing of a “Simulated Game of Life” by “Virtual People/Avatar” controlled by the game players. 

The initial 2016 version of the Game was played in an urban wetland park in Malaysia. By using the Google Earth app “Project Creation Tool” to define the Stops and Trails in the Game it is possible for numerous versions of the Game to be designed and played anywhere in the world. Thus, a web platform for the Game is now being developed to support game designers to design the games for play anywhere in the world.

A bit on my background

I have a doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan and have taught at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Before moving to the USA I have practiced as a consulting water resources engineer and have taken leadership roles in environmental and water resources management non-profit organizations in Malaysia.

Perspectives on Education for Life

To give you an understanding on what influence my perspectives and thinking on “education for life” using the Peconaq Learning Framework I share below a compilation of some short videos and brief descriptions of my thoughts on them.

All the World’s a Stage

William Shakespeare says that “All the world’s a stage”,/ “And all the men and women merely players”. This is a good metaphor for the adventure journey of life that everyone born into this physical world is taking. The play is an apt description of the “life cycle and experiences” of an individual human being as he/she plays his/her part, together with the other members of the human community, to create human history on the natural world stage.


The “Game of Life”

A person’s life journey in the physical world stage can also be seen like a Game that is played by each person with certain random attributes given at the time of birth. What do you think would be a good objective for such a Game?

If the objective of the Game is to help the player grow in awareness of the “mysteries of life”, instead of just living life in a “scripted dream state”, then it will be useful to have an “education for life” framework to help the player. The framework can assist the player become an active and conscious player of the game of life.

The player can consciously treat each of life’s challenge as a lesson given to help the player “move-up/grow” in awareness (the game’s objective), and thus be an active participant in choosing and creating the reality and story of their life’s transformation, one lesson at a time!

Education should not be treated as just preparation for a career during the player’s journey in the game of life!

The “Hero’s Journey”

Joseph Campbell in his study of myths from all over the world discovered that there is a common template of stories that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, is victorious in a decisive crisis, and comes home changed or transformed. He call this monomyth – “The Hero’s Journey”.

Each individual player in the Game of Life is like a “Hero on a life journey of transformation”. The transformation comes after the “Hero” has overcomed numerous challenges. Each challenge in the Hero’s journey of life is like a lesson that life gives to the Hero to help the Hero in the transformation process.


The “Hero’s Personal Legend”

If everyone born into this physical world stage is on a “Hero’s journey of life” then they must have a unique mission to fulfil, which is their “Personal Legend”. Each one of them has been given some random, genetic attributes and certain circumstances at the start of their life journey.

They are the “tools” that they have given to make the journey of life. It is up to them how they use their “tools” and the lessons they faced at each step or day of their life journey to write their life story and create their “Personal Legend”. They can either live their life journey in a “scripted dream state” or be an active participant in choosing and creating the reality and story of their life, one lesson at a time!

The video below gives a summary of the top quotes and lessons from the book – “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. The book describes a “hero’s journey in search of his personal legend”. Within the book are motivational quotes and lessons that are useful to help each hero on their life journey. For example,

“To realize one’s personal legend is a person’s only obligation. All things are one and when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


What is Reality? – A scientific theory linking Material Reality with Consciousness

When we see a movie on a TV screen we are actually seeing changes in the 2-Dimensional pixels on the screen over time, which tells a story that we can interpret with our consciousness. The way the pixels change on the TV screen is controlled by the electromagnetic information signals that were received by the TV. The story transmitted by the changing pixels on the TV screen is created by the information signals.

According to the video below, our 3-Dimensional (3D), spatial material reality is created from 3D tetrahedron spatial pixels. The information signals that create the story manifesting our 3D material reality over time comes from our consciousness. This implies that we can change our material reality over time by changing the information signals controlled by our consciousness. There is a link between the invisible consciousness and what gets manifested in the visible material reality.

The video also explains why the “Present Moment” is the only reality that we need to be concerned about since the past and future events [“all Time (past & future) exists all the time (present moment)”] are interlinked in a continuous loop, and is affected by what is manifested by our consciousness in the “Present Moment”. The video concludes by explaining how we maybe just one universal, interlinked neural network of discrete, individual consciousness creating the “story for ourselves” !


The practical application of the “Science of Reality”

How can we apply what we have learned from science (in the video above) about the nature of material reality and its connection with our consciousness?

If the only reality that matters is the “Present Moment” then we should manifest the best version of that material reality by living our life journey as an active participant in choosing and creating that reality and story of our life, one moment and lesson at a time!

Instead of spending most of our time living in a “scripted dream state” in the outer material world we should take time to look inward and connect with our inner consciousness, and also with nature. This will enable us to draw inspiration from within ourselves, and our connection with nature, and thus be an active participant in choosing and creating the reality and story of the life that we want.

The video below describes how this can be done. It describes consciousness as energy and information, and how the material reality can be affected by elevated emotional energy combined with a clear conscious intention. The emotion is the hand maiden to the creative process in the material world. For example, before you can achieve material success you must feel empowered with success.


A metaphor for the “network of consciousness”, “scripted dream state” and “waking-up”!

A simple metaphor for the “universal, single network of consciousness” maybe the internet social network such as Facebook, where each node in the interlinked network is “plugged into the brain” of an individual conscious individual. The behaviour of the whole network, and hence its story, is controlled by the sum of actions taken by each “conscious node” and can be influenced by the Facebook algorithm that controls the “scripted viral messages” received by the “brain” linked to each of the node.

Thus, if we wish to “wake up” and be an active, conscious participant in choosing and creating the reality and story of our life in the material world stage, we need to decouple our “plugged brain” from the matrix of such a network, for example, the Facebook social network. Otherwise, we may be unconsciously living in a “scripted dream state” controlled by Facebook. We should take the “Red Pill” as described in the Matrix Movie and “wake-up” instead of taking the “Blue Pill” and staying hooked in the network controlled by the Facebook algorithm.

The internet technology can be both useful and dangerous. If we are conscious and aware of its danger and how it can be used to control our minds, and thus our actions, then we will be able to use it wisely as just a tool for learning and communicating with others. By consciously choosing to “shield our mental state” through unplugging our brains from the “internet matrix of social and mass media” we can then choose how we wish to learn and actively create the reality and story of our life in the material world stage.

The “real learning” that we get will be through the questions that we ask ourselves based on our personal experience and observations interacting with “real people” and nature in the material world, and connecting with our inner conscious self through meditation. We can do this by imagining that our inner conscious self is like Jake in the Avatar movie, inhabiting an avatar body (our physical body), through which he learns from his interactions with the avatar community (our human community) and the natural environment in the avatar planet (our Earth planet).


“Education for Life” – J. Donald Walters

The following is the extract of the Preface of the book, “Education for Life” by J. Donald Walters. You can preview some of its content below.

Click on the “Content” Button to view and scroll the page to get a preview of the book.

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