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Peconaq Framework

The Peconaq Learning Framework was developed to facilitate a Peconaq game player to see the physical, real world through a 6-box, structured framework.

The Framework is a combination of 3 basic entities we observe in the real, physical world – an individual Person (PE), Community (CO) and Nature (NA). Since each of the entity also has an invisible, related twin counterpart we get the 6-box structure of the Framework as shown below. 

The “Q” in the Peconaq acronym is for Question since it is through questions that the process of learning begins. This is why Peconaq Inc. motto is “Learning begins with a Question & Project”, because the subjects to be studied and the design of a learning project will be determined by the question of the questioner.

The “PeCoNaQ acronym” is a simple and handy reminder that every entity in the real world can be classified into the following 3 main categories:

  1. an individual Person (that is us), 
  2. the people we relate to in our Community (and the things and systems they created),
  3. all the entities we see in Nature (the biological living things of plants and animals and the solid, liquid and gaseous objects in the physical world).  

12-box Framework

The 6-box Framework can be further expanded into a 12-box Framework as shown below.

The Framework provide a structured framework for a person to build the latticework for organizing their mental models. A mental model is an explanation, an idea or concept of how something works in a specific discipline.

A good learning framework should enable a person to organize their acquisition and learning of mental models and see how they are related to each other. It should also enable them to see gaps in their mental models of the world they live in so that they can fill them.